Fox Cave & Gem Mine in Ruidoso, New Mexico

Fox Cave & Gem Mine is only one of the adventures that the Ruidoso, New Mexico area offers. Ideal for families, but a great day out for visitors of any age, the Fox Cave & Gem Mine is located just east of Ruidoso Downs in Glencoe. You’ll want at least half a day to explore.

Fox Cave was formed thousands of years ago due to erosion caused by the Ruidoso River. Initially, it was completely submerged. Today, an exploration of the main cave reveals polished stone and remnants of fossils lodged in the walls.

For hundreds of years, the cave was used as a sanctuary for the Mescalero Apache nation. There is an impressive build-up of soot on the ceilings from fires lit to keep those seeking shelter warm. Oral history of the Apache people reveals that Geronimo and his followers often stayed in the Fox Cave.

In 1951, Bill Brim bought the cave, swiftly selling it to George Fuchs in 1954. This is how “Fox Cave,” which had been called “Ice Cave” up until that year, got its name. Fuchs was pronounced “Fox.”

Fox Cave is now open for the public to explore seven days a week.  The gem mine is also open year-round and a ten-dollar bucket is guaranteed to reveal colorful gems, once sifted over a panning slide. Amateur miners have discovered aquamarine, moonstone, Ruidoso garnet, citrine, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire.

There are also seven casitas onsite that are slowly being filled with traditional artisans. On your next visit to the Ruidoso, New Mexico area, be sure to check out Fox Cave & Gem Mine. And for unparalleled accommodation, make reservations at Innsbrook Village Country Club & Resort today!