The Benefits of Ownership at Innsbrook Village

You wake up one morning and feel an immense amount of positivity. You work hard, never really taking any time off from work, unless you’re forced to. This particular day is different for two reasons: one, you have the week off and two, you recently purchased a home in Innsbrook Village, in Ruidoso, New Mexico, high in the Rocky Mountains.

This is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Buying an Innsbrook Village home, that is. You’ve rented for a number of years and have fallen in love with the area, teeing up on the 9 Hole – Par 3 Golf Course and fishing for Rainbow Trout. It was a dream of yours to own an Innsbrook Village home, and you did it. As you drink some coffee, you smile: today will be a day of relaxation, golfing and fishing.


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At Innsbrook Village, we believe in dreams, and offer some of the finest amenities around. We know the economy is far from perfect. Inequality continues to grow, it seems, and the real estate market is constantly fluctuating. Purchasing an Innsbrook Village townhome or condo is a good investment, primarily due to the splendor of Ruidoso.

When it comes to buying a residential property in today’s economy, it is important to find the right place for yourself and your family. Whether you are single or you are married with kids and maybe grandkids, condos may be your best option. With just about any condo, you will be spending far less than you would on a single family home. Better yet, with that lower price comes several advantages and perks.

One of the greatest benefits of owning a condo is that you will have to do no maintenance work around the property or lawn care.  Other aspects of the building are taken care of by the management staff freeing you up to have more time to do the things you actually enjoy.

Additionally, Innsbrook Village is a safe place to enjoy time with family young and old.  Affordability, a  feeling of being safe, low maintenance, not to mention tennis courts, trout fishing, golf course, swimming pool and other great amenities – Innsbrook Village is where your relaxed dreams can roam.

Innsbrook Village is in a prime location, close to midtown, to some shopping, other golf courses, ski shops, restaurants with local cuisine and art galleries. The Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts, the Flying J Ranch, Hubbard Museum of the American West are just a few miles away. Ruidoso and the surrounding area is easily the jewel of the American Southwest.

If you think owning a condo or townhome may be the right choice for you, give the team at Innsbrook Village Country Club & Resort a call today! See our next blog with information regarding our townhomes.

Isn’t it about time you take that dreamy plunge? Ruidoso is waiting for you…