The Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway

As the winter months continue to approach, the colder temperatures leave many people feeling shut-in and isolated from the world. Many people decide to take off to warmer climates for Christmas, but many times the message of the season can get lost in bustling cities and exotic beach getaways.

Connecting with some of the cultural icons of the American Southwest can provide a quiet vacation while offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The town of Ruidoso is situated nicely along the path of the Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway, an 84-mile stretch of highway cutting through New Mexico’s historic Lincoln County.

American outlaws, Apache Indian tribes and beautiful open countryside can be found alongside the entire length of this trail, as the byway’s official website describes. Ruidoso, San Patricio and other great communities throughout Lincoln County are all connected by this area, officially designated an important route by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

These small towns are full of reminders of our American folklore and cultural past on the western frontier. Fort Stanton and the historic Ninth Cavalry regiment, black soldiers named the “Buffalo Soldiers” by neighboring Apaches, is part of trail. So too is Capitan, a tiny mountain village that gave America the indelible image of a tiny singed bear cub rescued from a forest fire and nicknamed Smokey. Today, we’re much more familiar with his namesake, a bear park ranger reminding us to prevent against forest fires.

And of course, the trail itself is an homage to Billy the Kid, one of the most infamous outlaws of the American West. His escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse in 1881 took the public by storm, and the trail contains many important sites related to his three months on the run.

This holiday season, connect with your family in a warmer climate and a wealth of historic treasures. Innsbrook Condos in Ruidoso puts you in close touch with the Billy the Kid Trail and the many cultural attractions found along the way. Give us a call to see about spending your Christmas vacation in one of our luxurious cabin or condo rentals.

*Video courtesy of NMScenicByways