The High Mesa Artists Studio Tour

It’s that time of year again. With Spring comes the High Mesa Artists Studio Tour, an annual event spanning the collections of 15 artists in seven locations across Lincoln County, New Mexico. The tour begins at the intersection of Highways 48 and 37 and continues along Highway 37.

The landscape itself becomes a part of the self-guided tour as it follows the high mesa scenic route. This year’s tour includes local artistic talents that span in expression from silver jewelry (Zoe de Negri) to more classic acrylic and oil paintings (Suzy Goza.)

A region’s flavor is best found in the fruits of its artists labors. The tour showcases the Native American heritage mixed medium talents of Misha Malipica in the first studio. The second studio includes fiber and clay pieces by Nancie Ferguson and stoneware pottery crafted by Karen McCort. This studio will also highlight pottery by Renee Bradley and some stunning jewelry by Janet Alexander.

The third studio on the tour should not be missed as wood-turned pieces by Madeleine and Steve Sabo are featured. The fourth studio will showcase Betty Day’s transformed gourds, crafted from plant to animal using carving techniques, paint, and feathers.

The fifth stop on the tour highlights Lynn Eckman’s jewelry and John Soden’s photography. The sixth gallery will display some incredible fashion pieces designed by Linda Caperton using silk dye, watercolor, and acrylic. These are showcased next to Robin Riggio’s pottery and Suzy Goza’s mixed medium canvases.

The final stop will be home to Leroy Anderson’s collection of jewelry, beadwork, sculptures and rattles.

For more information about the High Mesa Artists Studio Tour on April 26 and 27 between 10am and 5pm,