Vacationing in Ruidoso, New Mexico

Have you ever been checking your e-mail on your cell phone in one hand, lugging a briefcase or laptop in the other, juggling coffee in the crook of your elbow, while navigating an ice-slicked sidewalk and just thought: “Too bad I don’t have time for a vacation?”

Then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate. It’s time to make time for a vacation, says Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. Vacations are not only a great way to unwind, but also perhaps a vital part of staying efficient back in the work world. Vacationing has been proven to better both our mental and physical health, as long as the stint in a better place, in a sunnier place perhaps, is successful.

How do you design a “successful” vacation? Dr. Krauss Whitbourne has several suggestions so that your holiday is not only stress-free, but an active part of what can make you a happier, healthier employee and human being back home.

She recommends planning ahead to minimize family stress while on your trip and also decrease the likelihood that you’ll experience vacation-envy upon return. She also suggests to not feel guilty about allotting some time each day, if your career requires, to check e-mails, make a work-related phone call or two, or touch base with clients. Sometimes taking an hour of vacation time to assure that you won’t return to a tower of backlogged paperwork can be a great investment.

Finally, making your vacation an adventure can help to maximize the mental and physical benefits of a week or two off. Not only will stepping off the beaten track to try something new aid in creating memories with your fellow vacationers, but research shows that it can also fuel creative energy that will probably come in handy once you get back to the office.

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