Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Members of Innsbrook,

Thank you for your patience as our staff has been dealing with the tragic fires and fallout over the past week.  We are so thankful that Innsbrook survived the fires and that the major damage has been primarily from flooding by Cedar Creek through the property.  Sadly, the risk of flash flooding through Innsbrook and the resulting debris is a significant continuing danger. One of the dams has been significantly damaged and the other suffered some damage.

The Board has met and set the following goals: making Innsbrook safe, cleaning up and restoring Innsbrook, and not stressing the limited resources of the community or Innsbrook by fully opening to normal operations until the Village and Innsbrook are in a position to handle it. The Village of Ruidoso is still requesting that only persons whose primary residence is in Ruidoso return, and that people with second homes and tourists refrain from coming to Ruidoso at this time.  There is still a boil water notice in effect and not all units at Innsbrook have utilities.  It is a difficult balance between straining the limited resources of the community, yet bringing dollars into Innsbrook and the Village economy-the Board is doing its best to address this.

As a result of the current conditions, the Board has voted to keep all Innsbrook amenities – the golf course, pool and clubhouse and related areas, closed until July 10, 2024.  The Board has also decided to prohibit all rentals until July 15, 2024.  These dates will be reviewed as the Village of Ruidoso updates its reentry requirements, utilities, water, internet and other services return to normal, and there are safe operating conditions.

A Restoration Committee has been established to oversee restoration of Innsbrook including seeking out available assistance and developing a restoration plan.  Please volunteer to help on this committee, particularly if you have any insight on projects or requesting government assistance.

The Board voted to establish the Innsbrook Fund For Employee Emergency Assistance to help our employees that may have suffered unexpected costs with the evacuation and lost income.  This is to be funded 100% from donations and the Board hopes all members will contribute what they can to help our wonderful staff.  We are so fortunate that none lost their homes.  Our employees are one of Innsbrook’s great resources and we are committed to helping them through this challenging time.

Everyone is concerned for the safety and security of their property and Innsbrook.  Innsbrook has added additional security patrols and blocked off dangerous areas of the property.  We cannot stress enough the very dangerous conditions, particularly around the Cedar Creek area that flows through Innsbrook, the continued risk of flash flooding and the damaged dams.  When on the property, take extreme caution.

Please consider volunteering for the Restoration Committee– any help is very welcome; and, please donate to the Employee Emergency Fund as you are able. Be sure to check the Innsbrook website (innsbrookruidoso.com) for the most current updates. We appreciate your understanding and support at this incredibly difficult time.


The Board of Directors

Innsbrook Village Country Club