Property Maps

Bear Lodge – Condo 1A-10A

Located just past the clubhouse, consisting of the strip of condos overlooking the golf course on the north side of Innsbrook.

Trout Lodge – Condos 11C-38C

Located along the gravel road past Bear Lodge, consisting of the condo complex that backs up to the trout pond. Adjacent to the Texas Club.

Elk Lodge – Condos 200C-256C

Located past both Bear Lodge and Trout Lodge, consisting of the condo complex at the south side of Innsbrook. Next to the pool and the trout pond. Townhomes 214A – 214F are located on the northern side of Elk Lodge.

Golf Course – Townhomes 1-137

The Office is just off of Mechem Dr on the right. Townhomes are spread around the edge and center of Innsbrook with varying views of the scenic golf course.

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