There are many reasons why Ruidoso is a great place to live and visit, but besides the outdoor activities, shopping and dining venues, and other appealing attractions, you may be wondering about some other aspects of the town, like its healthcare facilities. While news has recently come out that the county won’t be receiving a new hospital any time soon, that doesn’t mean the current one isn’t getting a facelift. In fact, the Lincoln County Medical Center in Ruidoso may receive $41 million worth of renovations in the coming years.

There are several reasons why hospital administrators are pushing for an update. They argue that several aspects of the hospital are outdated, which are causing maintenance costs to rise. There is a cheaper alternative that would cost around $24 million, but the administration believes it wouldn’t offer enough of an overhaul to be worth it.

The $41 million plan seems like the best bet out of the options discussed, and it would bring about many changes to the healthcare center that would benefit both patients and staff. There is some disagreement about where the funds would come from however, with several county officials noting that they do not want to have to increase taxes to pay for it.

While this renovation plan is not a sure thing, the process does seem to be moving along and it could be voted approved shortly. If given the greenlight, this project would completely overhaul the hospital over the next several years. We’re looking forward to how all of this turns out, and we hope that the best option for the Ruidoso community is what’s agreed upon.