Heavy Snowfall throughout Ruidoso Is Perfect for Skiing

The end of January saw some of the heaviest snowfall throughout Ruidoso and the surrounding region in quite some time. What was initially a lackluster winter season has quickly turned into the perfect conditions for skiing and other outdoor activities. In the last week of the month, the Sacramento Mountains and other areas receive more than a foot of snow within a 24-hour period.

On the downside, meteorologists don’t expect a single storm to stop the drought that much of the state is experiencing, although it is a decent start. When all is said and done, this season is expected to have a below average amount of snowfall. However, that doesn’t mean that this storm didn’t go a long way towards improving conditions in the area. If you were looking for the perfect time to start skiing this winter, don’t waste another second before heading out on the slopes.

Even after the initial storm hit, meteorologists predicted another few inches would arrive in the coming days. Winter storm warnings lasted throughout much of the week, although the skies were clear by the weekend. As we move into February, we expect there to be at least a couple other large storms before the end of the winter. While there may be nothing that tops this most recent storm, every little bit of precipitation helps, both as far as the drought is concerned and when it comes to skiing.

What do you think of the latest weather conditions? Did you take advantage of the opportunity to hit the slopes? Let us know!