At Innsbrook, we offer a wide variety of fun and exciting activities, including tennis. We have two tennis courts available, and we are always happy to provide our guests with the gear they need to play. Tennis is a simple game, but one that is hard to master. Whether you have been playing tennis for years or you have never even held a racket, use the following tips to improve your game and have even more fun the next time you are staying with us.

One of the simplest and easiest things you can do to improve your tennis game is by better preparing yourself for the ball. Don’t wait for your opponent to hit the ball on to your side before getting into the proper stance. Before the ball makes its way over the next and back to you, make sure your hips and shoulders are turned and facing it. Now, once the ball is on your side, make sure you follow through with your swing. Not only will it improve your chances of hitting the ball back to the other side, but a confident follow through can even intimidate your opponent.

Another key to succeeding at tennis is to recover as soon as you hit the ball. Even if you have the best hit of your life, don’t just stand there and pat yourself on the back. Your opponent will be hitting it back to you in a few seconds or less, so you must be ready at all times.

Take some time to watch the pros, practice your swing, and play a few matches when you have the time. These are just a few of the ways you can become a formidable tennis player, even if you have little experience with the sport.